Conference Papers

    Author(s) : Z. S. Sambo; Sakariyau Lawal Yittametu
    Abstract : Islamic theocracy, both in theory and practice, in Nigeria may be perceived by people to be a new concept owing to the religious politics and tension pervading the country at present. In fact, other f... read more
    Author(s) : Dr. Mikail Adebisi Folorunsho; Kamal-deen Olawale Sulaiman
    Abstract : The Arabic verses of Yoruba ‘Ulama’ (Arabic scholars) are composed for divergent purposes. A perusal of the thematic range of these verses shows lyricism and didacticism as the two major t... read more
    Author(s) : Faruk Siddik Tilli
    Abstract : The modern reality is witnessing a global trend towards separation of religion and clerics from the state, which resulted in making Islamic theocracy in a Muslim majority country problematic, in the c... read more
    Author(s) : Adeleke R.s.
    Abstract : System of governance is not alien in the Shariah. This serves as a reason why Islam is referred to as not only a religion but also a complete comprehensive manner of life. It establishes a unique syst... read more
    Author(s) : Mustapha Sodiq Sunkanmi
    Abstract : Nigeria is made up of different religions and in essence the constitution provides for the freedom of religion. The importance of this freedom will be undermined in the absence of the provision for en... read more
    Author(s) : Dr. Vaffi Foday Sheriff
    Abstract : The misunderstanding and prejudice among some modern and contemporary researchers about the legal status of non-Muslims in Islamic states led them to imagine that Islam did not give legal rights to no... read more
    Author(s) : Ilorin-based Al-harakatul-islamiyyah
    Abstract : The success of any human society largely depends on the quality of its governance. This is why government is sine qua non for private and public social settings as means of controlling human actions a... read more
    Author(s) : Falilat Adenike Kelani
    Abstract : Theocracy is a form of government in which a deity is the source from which all authority derives. Nigeria and the whole world have been a peace place if the ruler’s intention to rule is to ser... read more