Conference Papers

    Author(s) : Kareem Rasaq Akinfemi
    Abstract : A Critical Search into the Challenges facing Societies globally and Nigeria in particular reveals a great concern in respect of lack of Islamic theocracy globally. The desire to resist the dominance o... read more
    Author(s) : Dr (alhaji) Abdullahi O. Awelenje
    Abstract : It must be an interesting study to embark on review of some sociopolitical aspects of Islamic Theocracy in a multireligious state such as Nigeria.
    This paper is determined to focus on those ar... read more
    Author(s) : Esan Oluwatobi David
    Abstract : It is generally known that theocracy is a system of government that accords religious leaders the opportunity to rule and control the affairs of the state. The laws binding on societies practicing thi... read more
    Author(s) : Prof. Busari Moshood Olanyi
    Abstract : Good governance remains the expectation from every political party in power, especially in this democratic dispensation of the Nigerian Nation. The need to ensure that the citizenry enjoy the dividend... read more
    Author(s) : Mubarak Abiodun Yusuff
    Abstract : The problem facing Islamic Theocracy emanates from the Muslims themselves. There is an obvious lack of seriousness on the part of the Muslim scholars to focus on the implementation of an ideal Islamic... read more
    Author(s) : Muhammadu Mukhtar Muhammadu Thani.
    Abstract : Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as a whole has been and remains a major talking point since its inception. These goals are eight in number and cut across several fields with the quest for achievin... read more
    Author(s) : Nafi’u Kabiru
    Abstract : The paper explore a chequered reconnoitre of British colonial modernism and Islamic theocracy in Sokoto Caliphate, c.1903-1914. Sokoto jihad was a major Islamic movement around the 19thcentury in West... read more