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Ramadan 13, 1442 (April 25, 2021)

Annual IWF Ramadan Tafsir delivered by Dr Yusuf Kolawole Jumuah on Yaomul Ahad 6th Ramadhan, 1442 A.H.(Sunday April 18, 2021).

Tafsir is an annual lecture that comes up during Ramadhan period. The Mufasir usually gives elaborate commentaries on the verses of the Qur’an. The Ramadhan Tafsir for this year 1434.H. starts on Yaomul Sabt, 4th Ramadhan ,1434 A.H.(Saturday 13th July, 2013). You cannot afford to miss this year's Tafsir!! It is Educative, Refreshing and Rewarding!!!

ALLAH(SWT) would surely reward you as you make it a date with us!!!


First Tafsir, 4th Ramadhan, 1434 AH (13th July ,2013)


Ramadhan Tafsir [Audio]: (Yaomul Sabt, 7th Ramadhan, 1429A.H; Saturday, 6th September, 2008).

Ramadhan Tafsir [Audio]:( 24th September, 2006).