MPF Luncheon

The Islamic Welfare Foundation usually organizes the Muslim Professionals’ Forum (MPF) Luncheon quarterly. The Luncheon is designed to bring together Muslim Professionals to discuss contemporary issues, which concerns our faith.  It is felt that given the very tight schedule of professionals, there is need to come together under a relaxed atmosphere to brainstorm on political and scientific issues as relating to Islam. This will also increase our awareness on global problems and offer Islamic antidotes to these problems.

Some of the topics that have been discussed at the forum include:

  • Crisis in the Middle East
  • Cloning: The Islamic Viewpoint
  • 2003 Election: The Fate Of The Muslims
  • US-Iraq Face-Off: Implications on the Muslims
  • Leadership and Moderation in Islam : Prof. Sheu Jimoh
  • Islam and the Challenges of Evolution of Science and Technology in Nigeria : Prof. Hussein O.B. Oloyede
  • Roaming the Earth for the sake of Allah: Dr. Abdullateef Oladimeji