The consequences facing Nigeria if corruption is not tackled at this point in time are indeed very dire. This is why the Islamic Welfare Foundation, in collaboration with the International Institute of Islamic Thought, is devoting the 2016 edition of her annual Conference on Islam in Nigeria to unraveling the issue of corruption in Nigeria. The conference is intended to generate fresh insights that will improve understanding of the phenomenon and also facilitate the fashioning of effective solutions to the problem especially within the dictates of Islam. In consonance with our philosophy that religion, especially Islam, has a place in public life, the conference will discuss the issue of corruption in Nigeria from the Islamic perspective.

THEME: Islam, Muslims and the Fight Against Corruption in Nigeria
- Concept of Corruption in Islam
- Islamic Models of anti-Corruption War
- Good Governance and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- Shariah and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- judicial Systems and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- Economics of Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- Islamic Financial System and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- Religious Organisations and Anti-Corruption War in Nigeria
- Ancient Muslim Communities in Nigeria and Anti-Corruption War
DATE: 7 - 10 November, 2016
VENUE: Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria
1. Prof.  Auwalu Yadudu
2. Cardinal John Onayekan
Abstracts are invited from scholars, activists, corporate organisations, government agencies and other stakeholders within and outside Nigeria working on anti-corruption issues. A soft copy of each abstract should be submitted to abstract.2016coin@iwf.com.ng not later than 30th September, 2016. A book of abstracts will be published thereafter. Authors of abstracts listed for presentation at the conference are required to submit soft copies of the full length of their papers to fullpaper.2016coin@iwf.com.ng not later than 15th October, 2016.

Please note that papers presented at the conference will be peer-reviewed and published in the subsequent edition of Journal of Islam in Nigeria (JOIN).

Kindly forward this circular to all your contacts who may be interested.

Looking forward to your presentation at the conference!!!

For further information, please call: +234 803 706 0620, +234 805 228 2030; or send a mail to 2016coin@iwf.com.ng