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The merger of numerous communities to create present day Nigeria was largely unanticipated by the constituent units. Though the units were heterogeneous, there were still shared interests in terms of culture, religion and commerce but none of these cut across the entire spectrum of the then new nation. While the colonialists had an agenda for Nigeria as that was their purpose for creating the country, the constituent units did not have such a national agenda. However, some of the constituent units who shared the world view of the colonialists found it convenient to partner with them to create their own national agenda for Nigeria. But the Muslims who, though are in the majority and inhabited more of the constituent units but did not share the world view of the colonialists, became disadvantaged in having their own national agenda to coordinate their contributions towards Nigeria's national development.

Nigeria has just commenced her second century as a nation. Coincidentally there has occurred a momentous change in the Nigerian political landscape promising to give the nation a new beginning. This provides an opportunity for Muslims in Nigeria to review the past and evolve an agenda that will coordinate as well as enhance their contributions to Nigeria's national development in all facets.

To meet this need, Intellectuals and other stakeholders are invited to present well researched papers at the 2015 Conference on Islam in Nigeria with the theme: "The Muslim Agenda for Nigeria: Challenges of Development and Good Governance"

- Islamic Models of Development
- Islamic Models of Good Governance
- Islam and Separation of Power
- Islamic Economic Models
- Islamic Political Models
- Islamic Social Models
- Poverty Alleviation
- Islamic Finance
- Islam and Pluralism
- Shariah and Development
- Islam, Science and Technology
- Islam and Administration of Justice
- Islamic Education and National Development

VENUE: Fountain University, Oshogbo

DATE: 22 - 25 November, 2015

Abstracts should be submitted to abstract.2015coin@iwf.com.ng not later than 31st August, 2015

Full papers should be submitted to fullpaper.2015coin@iwf.com.ng not later than 30th September, 2015. Authors whose papers are listed for presentation at the conference will be notified and their abstracts will be published in the Conference Book of Abstracts. Papers presented at the conference will be peer-reviewed and published in the subsequent edition of Journal of Islam in Nigeria (JOIN).

Please forward this to all your contacts who may be interested.

Looking forward to your presentation at the conference!!!

For further information, please call: +234 803 706 0620, +234 805 228 2030, +234 803 401 7595; or mail 2015coin@iwf.com.ng