Inter-Connectivity and Confluence of Peace Between Islam and Christianity: An Historical Survey Towards Peace Building and Sustainable Development in Nigeria (Download)

    Dr jimoh, Lasisi Ayanda, Jimohlasisiayanda@gmail.com, 07037979166

    Abstract: Coupled with the fact that Nigeria is a multi ethno-religious state, inevitability of peace to entrench development is non-negotiable. The nation has experienced serial conflicts having religious coloration against the claim and consistent belief that the two religions- Islam and Christianity inherently rally for tranquility and peaceful co-existence. The diversity and difference of religious inclinations should under no circumstances be a brooding net for conflicts and disharmony. Religion should rather be seen serving as unifying and integrating social factor than acting as an excruciating instrument of divisive tendencies. Loss, disaffection,, under-development and backwardness are characteristics of any nation identified with religious conflicts and disharmony because religious chaos inflicts the society adversely. This paper thus dwells on the pattern of inter-religious relationship that characterized the Ministry of Prophet Muhammad the nature of which placed credence on the essence of religious co-existence even when it was practically difficult. The early Muslims demonstrated enviable level of enduring perseverance , tolerance and practical abstinence in the face of hostilities unleashed upon them by religious antagonists. It further extols the virtue of confluence from which Muslims and Christians in Nigeria could borrow a leaf to promulgate and propagate peaceful co-existence. The paper also does not shy away from incidents of religious conflicts in Nigeria, ex-raying perceived causes and consequently comes with array of recommendations to forestall religious instigated conflicts in Nigeria towards achieving sustainable peace and development.