Theocracy: Islam and Mercy Killing: Issues and Challenges (Download)

    Aromaradu Abdulsalam Abdulganeey, Attayyiby001@gmail.com, 08134374949

    Abstract: The act of Murder is a crime right from the time of the first man created Adam. With the ever evolving of man’s rules, ethics, morals and technologies, a lot of things have changed and principles have been subjected to "Surgical operations" which most times it is on the decline side and murder has also been subjected to same “Surgical Operation” which now has a branch called ‘Euthanasia’.
    The aim of this paper is to consider the moral compass of Islam on mercy killing, and the monopoly of giving and taking of life by Allah, and medical reasons against assisted suicide.
    Availability of advanced medical technology has generated various new moral issues such as abortion, cloning and euthanasia. The use of medical technology, therefore, raises questions about the moral appropriateness of sustaining life versus taking life or allowing someone to die. Moreover, the world-wide discussion on euthanasia has assumed different dimensions of acceptance and rejection. The modern advanced medical technology has brought this issue under extensive focus of philosophers and religious authorities.