The Executive and the Legislature Wrangling in Nigeria: The Islamic Solution (Download)

    eleshin-nla Kayode Akeem, Eleshnnlakm82@gmail.com,
    yahaya Ishola Musa, Alfanlamusa02@gmail.com,

    Abstract: This paper is an attempt to examine the Islamic perspective of the executive and the legislative wrangling in Nigeria. The paper examines the activities of the legislative and executive in Nigeria in relation to the citizenry’s welfare. The political debacles between the two arms of government (legislature and executive) have continued to affect developmental plans of the country. election rigging, corruptions assassination of the political opponents etc have been the violent attributes of the contemporary political dispensation. The paper employs descriptive approach to discuss the assessment of the political issues brought into limelight. The findings of the research reveals that many politicians mere covetous. This is serious set back for the political affairs of Nigeria. The recommendation include selection of men of impeachable characters who have won public acknowledgements in humanitarian welfares should be allowed in governance. The paper conclude that diffusion of the Islamic system of selecting leaders will have positive impact on Nigeria.