Shariah and Social Justice in the North: Lessons for the South. The Experience of Shariah Practice in Nigeria (Download)

    abdulwahab Danladi Shittu, Shittudanladi@gmail.com Shittu.ad@unilorin.edu.ng, 08061235260

    Abstract: The practice of ‘full shariah’ by Muslims is as important to Muslims as the establishment of the obligatory prayers. This is why the struggle for its application in Nigeria is as old as the country. This effort was crowned with success with the beginning of the forth republic which saw the emergence of Olusegun Obasanjo as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1999. Even though, with some challenges which are partially as a result of poor planning for the take-off of the legal system, some remarkable achievements in the curtailment of social vices were recorded. Using a historical research method, this work appraised some of the achievements made by the shariah-friendly states in the application of shariah in the north with the objective of creating a frame work for the application of the law by Muslims in the south. This work identified with some citizens in the shariah states that, against the blind criticism by some people, the implementation of shariah in some states in the north has curtailed social vices. This is a revelation of the efficacy of the law in finding lasting solution to the aging problem of corruption, nepotism, murder and other ices that are militating against the growth of Nigeria. It is suggested that if the Muslims in the south should follow suit, the country would be moving to the promised land of success