Islam and Politics: Application and Utilization for Good Governance in Nigeria (Download)


    Abstract: The papers write about Islam and politics: application and utilization for good governance in Nigeria, the political life of Islam based on moral and sound foundation.
    The politic of Islam in Nigeria is unique in its structure its function and its purpose.
    Every deed of Nigerian, group or individual must be in guild of law of god. The paper point out on aim of the Islamic state is to administer justice and to provide security and protection for all Nigeria. The paper examine the ruler any ruler is not a sovereign over the peoples he is a representative employee. Chosen by the peoples it also base is point that rulers and administration must obedience to those change with those in authority. It is condition by their own obedience to the law of god and the traditions of his messenger.
    The paper takes a look at the utilization for good governance in Nigeria.
    This is referring to the unity peace co- existence by living together in brotherhood. This is a fundamental element in the value system of Islam and its value of human brotherhood. This is also founded on the same principle which has been discussed in connection with freedom and equality brought in the good governance.