Author(s) : Aromaradu Abdulsalam Abdulganeey
    Abstract : The act of Murder is a crime right from the time of the first man created Adam. With the ever evolving of man’s rules, ethics, morals and technologies, a lot of things have changed and principl... read more
    Author(s) : Eleshin-nla Kayode Akeem; Yahaya Ishola Musa
    Abstract : This paper is an attempt to examine the Islamic perspective of the executive and the legislative wrangling in Nigeria. The paper examines the activities of the legislative and executive in Nigeria in ... read more
    Author(s) : Dr Abdulwahab Danladi Shittu
    Abstract : The practice of ‘full shariah’ by Muslims is as important to Muslims as the establishment of the obligatory prayers. This is why the struggle for its application in Nigeria is as old as t... read more
    Author(s) : Toki Olushola Tajudeen; Prof Hassan Muhammad Kannike; Muhammad Hadi Ismail
    Abstract : Imposition of Western political ideology on the territories predominantly occupied by Muslims or previously governed by Islamic theocracy is not pleasant to well-informed Muslims. The imperialists&rsq... read more
    Author(s) : Ibrahim Mubarak Olalekan
    Abstract : This research investigates the status of Islamic theocratic system, the framework of Islamic administration, the role of the judiciary, the executive and the legislature and the mechanism of the prote... read more
    Author(s) : Prof. Is-haq Akintola
    Abstract : Mankind has been coming together from time immemorial. The basis has often been the need to benefit from communal living. Little hamlets grew into villages. The latter developed into cities or city-st... read more
    Author(s) : Saliu Yisa
    Abstract : Islam believes that Allah man created for a purpose. The purpose is to serve and worship Allah (swt). The Islamic way of life is based on the unique approach to life and a peculiar concept of man&rsq... read more
    Author(s) : Prof. Abdullahi A.g ; Toki Olushola Tajudeen; Prof. Sulaiman Shehu Adua
    Abstract : Marginalization of the children in Nigeria with particular reference to their inalienable rights has been one of the most serious threats to representative and responsible governance in Nigeria. The p... read more
    Author(s) : Yusuff Abdulrasaq Aroworeyin
    Abstract : The papers write about Islam and politics: application and utilization for good governance in Nigeria, the political life of Islam based on moral and sound foundation.
    The politic of Islam in N... read more
    Author(s) : Muhammad-busayri Sulyman
    Abstract : Everyone is found of wanting to be modern, even those who are locally brought up. The appearance of many people who proclaim it are either educated or illiterates, rich or living below standard of eco... read more