The Islamic Model for Conflict Management: A Panacea to Religious Crises in Nigeria (Download)

    Dr nafiu Ahmed, Arikewuyo, Abuamina20@gmail.com, +2348022428267

    Abstract: Nigeria is not an exception to the nations that are currently ridden with religious conflicts and crises. Recently, there is an academic campaign to the effect that the Western model for conflict resolution can no more in exclusion of others handle the fledging religious conflicts in a much pluralistic modern world. Hence, the need for alternative models for conflict management, including that of Islam. This study is an attempt to apply Islamic model for conflict management as a solution to the religious crises in Nigeria. The study involves both field and library research. The study discovered that successive governments in Nigeria have not been able to adopt a holistic and pragmatic approach characterised with equality, justice, all-inclusiveness and veto power to combat the incessant religious conflicts. The government is therefore urged to borrow a leaf from the Islamic model in its much-dedicated efforts at preventing further conflicts.