Islamic and Modernism: Issues and Challenges of Child Upbringing (Download)

    muhammad-busayri Sulyman, Sulymamb@gmail.com, 08067898724, 08058235376

    Abstract: Everyone is found of wanting to be modern, even those who are locally brought up. The appearance of many people who proclaim it are either educated or illiterates, rich or living below standard of economy, young or old. Knowing fully that every parent bears in mind that in future their children will be a source of peace of mind for them, but this is becoming issue of doubt. This is been abhorred by an undermined known enemy of "modernity". This paper, then aims at having a succinct look into what modernity is and its palatability or otherwise with the Muslim child upbringing. It (the paper), as well is proffering Islamic alternative of proper child upbringing which intends at realizing glorious family representatives. At the end, recommendations will be made to emphasize the writer’s stands on the issues discussed and to encourage readers to apply Islamic alternative of child upbringing herein highlighted, in order to have a well prepared future leaders.