Conference Papers

    Author(s) : Prof. Is-haq Akintola
    Abstract : ... read more
    Author(s) : Prof. Ibrahim Olatunde UTHMAN
    Abstract : This paper examines the concepts of al-Ra’y and al-Bid’ah in the light of the contemporary challenges confronting Muslim unity. The Sharī’ah teaches strict conformity to the injunct... read more
    Author(s) : Shu’aib Mukhtar Shu’aib
    Abstract : When it came to public knowledge that Governor Ibrahim Saminu Turaki (1999 – 2007) was going to constitute a council of ulama (Muslim clerics) to help facilitate a successful implementation of the n... read more
    Author(s) : Uthman Mohammed Mustapha Kannike
    Abstract : Not news again but only a matter of necessity to say that Nigeria lost innumerable lives and properties through the activities cum crisis of Maitatsine between 1980 and 1985. Greater magnitude of loss... read more
    Author(s) : Muhammad Nasiru Adeoye
    Abstract : Nigeria is a multi-religious nation, with Islam and Christianity dominating the religious climate. In fact, these two dominant religious beliefs have served as unifying factors in national integration... read more
    Author(s) : Dr. Murtala Abdus-Salam Adebayo AJANI
    Abstract : Dwindling or lack of unity among the Nigerian Muslims has become a serious matter for which a lasting solution is much more needed urgently to avoid a complete breakup of Muslims within a nation calle... read more
    Author(s) : MANKOLO Haruna Alhaji
    Abstract : Islamic education is parts of the mainstream of educational system in Nigeria. Nigeria has developed into one of the important education with three systems of education Quranic and ilm schools, modern... read more
    Author(s) : ALANAMU Saadu Ayinla; ALIYU Afolabi Yahaya; ADEOYE Muhammad Nasiru
    Abstract : Peaceful co-existence among diverse religious adherents remains a quintessential factor for a religiously pluralistic society like Nigeria. There is no disputing the fact that Nigeria has experienced ... read more
    Abstract : Children are the future of the Nation and they need to be protected and promoted intellectually. However, children are terribly encountering severe setback through non challant attitude of the Nigeria... read more
    Author(s) : Dr. Lateef Abiola Muideen
    Abstract : Islamic law rests on the precipice of Al-Waḥdah (Unity) which includes unity of the humankind, unity between human being and his environment, unity within the family, unity of the state and society,... read more